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A whole host of things happened and I thought it best to leave a lot of the social networking-like sites I'm registered to for a while, in the mean time I've somehow registered to Tumblr (Go figure), and become the target of a bunch of Life Problems every time I log into Facebook

So yeah, I've been busy, and on top of that I just haven't been feeling up to doing anything valuable with my time of late. There's nothing to do, college is dragging on and that's keeping me very busy whilst I look for an alternate course.

A bunch of stuff has been keeping me more than occupied, I hope to return over Christmas tho :la:

Just aren't feeling up to much lately, there's been a lotta bad days and massive upsets since the last time I was here, a lot of things I really want to forget about and dust myself off from that've been keeping me down in the dumps for several months. But not dA, I'll come back :la: You don't got rid of me just yet :stare:

If there's anything to take away from this, it's just that I've had some rough and some busy days lately, college has certainly been keeping me very busy with the whole new level of workload we're getting flung at our unprepared, mostly hollow heads :D I'll be back, don't nobody go nowhere :la:
  • Mood: Remorse
  • Listening to: Rhianna just came on!
  • Reading: I need a new book actually...
  • Watching: Attack on Titan, of late :D
  • Playing: League of Legends o.o
  • Eating: McVities Biscuits!
  • Drinking: What else but Milk


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Jack Wilky
United Kingdom
Well I haven't updated this in a while,

Lotta things have changed, I don't really do journals anymore because I don't REALLY have the necessary time to allocate, either work or Halo/Destiny/Darkest Dungeon make certain of that.

That said I do still hover around dA.

For those that knew me before this Bio update, I'm now a Draughtsman / Off-Architect for a Garage Equipment company. Designing the buildings the equipment goes into, then making sure everything fits according to British regulations and law. More interesting than it sounds, I promise. Been there almost a year (Being today 26th March 2015).

Any other changes? Well I've been through a rather unsuccessful relationship, or two, or three, honestly I can't remember that well anymore. I've recently had to start wearing glasses when in front of a computer screen because I got metal in one eye that left behind substantial rust and my other eye apparently has an astigmatism. I've had more therapy than I can accurately remember for my anxiety, and in the end they just gave me my new medication and we more or less called it a day #NHS Shit works like cash money tho so I'm fixed and ready to get out on the town more often. Hopefully not getting kicked out of the local landmark shopping centre when I do, but hey-ho.

Anyway yeah, if you've managed this far without alcohol or taking such a lengthy break you forgot to come back and read the rest, call me Wilky. Everybody else does, and I kinda gave up trying to get them to call me anything else. I'm just a... Vaguely ordinary homo living off in the Middle East of England. Not Bradford, East Yorkshire.

So YEAH :la:

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